Don’t Just Strive,
Thrive with PERMA Accountability Coaching

Your PERMA accountability coach from will help you set, track, and accomplish your goals, and optimize your life in a simple and effective way.


How PERMA Coaching Can Help You Live a More Purposeful and Fulfilled Life

Do you want to live a life that is aligned with your identity and experience?
Do you want to live a more purposeful and fulfilled life?
Do you want to achieve your personal and professional goals with ease and confidence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then PERMA Accountability Coaching is for you.

PERMA Accountability Coaching is a powerful and proven method to help you unlock your potential and optimize your life. It is based on the PERMA model of wellbeing, which stands for:

  • Positive emotion: Feeling good and enjoying life
  • Engagement: Being fully immersed and focused on what you do
  • Relationships: Having meaningful and supportive connections with others
  • Meaning: Finding purpose and value in what you do
  • Accomplishments: Pursuing and achieving your goals

With Alleo’s PERMA Accountability Coaching, you will:

Discover your individual identity: You will uncover your core values, beliefs, and aspirations, and align them with your actions and goals.

Enhance your lived experience: You will learn how to cultivate resilience, positivity, meaning, and joy in your daily life, and foster meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

Thrive with personalized guidance: You will receive tailored 1-on-1 coaching, using the PERMA framework, to create a roadmap for your growth. You will also get accountability and progress tracking, ensuring that you stay on track and achieve your milestones.


Who needs PERMA
Accountability Coaching?

Whether you are a founder, self-improver, or doer, our accountability coaching will help you accelerate your success by focusing on the five elements of well-being: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

Our coaches will work with you to:
  • Break the procrastination cycles that keep you from taking action
  • Understand binge behaviors and dopamine drivers that sabotage your focus
  • Build long-term keystone habits that support your goals
  • Craft a resilient plan for improvement that adapts to your changing needs
  • Learn from reflection and feedback that enhance your performance
  • Achieve your targets in life that align with your values and purpose
  • Challenge your assumptions about yourself and your life experiences. 

You’ll be surprised how affordable Alleo’s PERMA Accountability Coaching is!

A recent motley fool study found that average Americans spend nearly $139 per month on items they don’t really need. Imagine if you could save that money and invest it in achieving your goals with Alleo’s PERMA Accountability Coaching—a transformative, action-oriented 1-to-1 coaching experience designed for entrepreneurs, creatives, executives, and mission-driven individuals seeking substantial growth and fulfillment.

Your Thrive Blueprint

Here is Your Exact Path to Thrive with Alleo's PERMA Accountability Coaching


Step 1

Select Your Plan

Choose a plan (Monthly/Yearly) that aligns with your needs and budget during the checkout process.

Step 2

Insightful Intake

Fill out a short intake form to capture essential insights about your life, self-perception, and areas for improvement.

Step 3

Coach Connection

Initiate an introductory meeting with your coach to discuss session structure and address immediate concerns, building rapport and trust.

Step 4

Weekly Tactical Meetings

Engage in weekly 30-minute meetings to review past goals, discuss challenges, and set new accountability goals in line with your PERMA elements.

Step 5

Personalized Goal Tracking

Choose how you'd like to track goals, either self-directed or with coach support, receiving feedback and guidance via email or text.

Step 6

Strategic Monthly Review

Collaborate on a monthly strategic goal, aligning your actions with your vision and purpose for a more fulfilling life.

You Are Invited

Claim Your Free Coaching Session with Dillon Now!

Meet Dillon Doherty, the Founder and Head Coach at Alleo. Register now for a free PERMA Accountability coaching session with Dillon, initiating your journey toward a purpose-driven and fulfilling life

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What our existing clients say

“Alleo's PERMA accountability coaching program has provided me with a reliable and consistent method to help me identify where I can improve, keep me on track with my goals, and maintain a level of stability in my life. I highly recommend this coaching program to anyone who needs personalized help in any of those three areas.”

“Working with Dillon has become an essential part of my life. His unique approach and personality have been very effective in helping me identify and address my day-to-day and week-to-week challenges by better acknowledging and accepting the role I play in my journey. I find myself looking forward to my weekly meetings with him, and collaborating on the Alleo platform, which has been thoughtfully built to support the work we're doing together to improve my life.”

The Alleo team has done a fantastic job of demystifying a task as daunting as optimizing your life. They challenge real pre-conceived notions to help you visualize life outside of the paths you’ve adopted/assume are the only way to live. I consistently leave my thrive sessions feeling that my subconscious thoughts have been brought to the surface - giving me the confidence and clarity to chart the life I dream about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a business to sign up?

No, you don’t need to have a business to sign up for’s Thrive plan.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a creative professional, mission-driven individual or an executive leader, you can benefit from our coaching service.

We help you achieve excellence in any area or endeavor that matters to you.

Our coaching is not limited to business accountability, but covers all aspects of PERMA: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

How long are the weekly calls?

The weekly calls are short and sweet; a “minimum viable dose”.

This is based on the behavioral science principle that you get the best long term results by making the behavior that drives them easy.

We know that you might be tempted to spend a lot of time on our system, planning out your week in great detail.

But how sustainable would that be?

By making it simple and consistent with a 30-minute ritual, we’ve created a proven methodology for gradually increasing your personal effectiveness… with results that compound over time. customers who stick with the ritual for a year become unstoppable: they transform into execution powerhouses.

How does coaching work?

We match you 1-on-1 with a highly trained, US-based accountability coach, who you talk to over the phone every week.

Their science-backed coaching will help you clarify your most important work, and create the optimal mental state to get it done.

It’s like having someone on your team whose sole job is optimizing your focus and productivity.

Long term, the ritual gives you the structure and psychology to become the best version of yourself possible… and stay that way.

What does an accountability coach do?

An accountability coach supports individuals to stay on track with their goals and commitments.

They provide structure, guidance, and feedback, ensuring that the individual remains focused and makes consistent progress.

The coach typically sets up regular check-ins to review achievements, address challenges, and set the path forward.

By holding their clients accountable, they foster a sense of responsibility, ensuring that tasks and goals are not just set, but also pursued and achieved.

Who will be coaching me?

Dillon Doherty, the Founder of, also serves as the Head Coach at Alleo. You can also specifically ask to be coached by him, and our team will arrange a coaching schedule for you based on his availability.

If you don't have any coaching preference, we will assign the coach we believe will best suit your background and they will start with you within 24 hours and stay with you for the long term.

All of our coaches are trained, experienced professionals and we support all US time zones and cover all days of the week.

Why do I need an accountability coach, can’t I get a buddy to help?

The research is clear, peer accountability is simply not as effective for goal attainment compared with professional individual coaching.

Then there’s the practical aspect - most peer-to-peer accountability relationships drop off due to lack of commitment or alignment.

Unlike well meaning but unreliable strangers on the internet, our coaches are dedicated professionals there with you every day to help you succeed in your journey.