The team behind

Dillon Doherty


Maryam Baldawi 

Head of Traction

Rawan Bairouti

Lead Developer


Here’s all the good stuff

10+ years

Over a decade of combined experience in building productivity and planning tools.

Texas Strong

Most of our team are graduates from Rice or University of Texas, so we are proud to represent our home base!


Empowering individuals to become their best through innovation, excellence, and community.


Integrity, innovation, customer-centric

Why’d you join Alleo?

Check out why our team works hard for Alleo day in and day out. Can you relate?

I joined Alleo because I immediately got excited and intrigued by the product when i came across it and wanted to work on it. It has so much potential and I wanted to be part of the team taking it there.

I am a huge productivity nerd and love trying different methods to be more efficient. I was intrigued to find a new type of app that's really different from others that I could dive into.

I built Alleo because I needed a tool to channel my uncertainties into structured, actionable plans in my own life. This personal quest soon highlighted a common challenge many face in attempting to streamline life's complexities. Driven by a desire to help others, I evolved Alleo into a platform that aids in organizing ambitions, elevating individual well-being, and turning the abstract into the attainable.

One tool for all your goals