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      Common FAQs

      What is the difference between this planning app and the many other ones?

      There are many great planning systems out there, but differentiates itself by having a built in structure with “Areas” of your life like your finances, health, work, and family so that you can quickly get up and running bringing your life together in one place.

      Can I see my calendar and task list in one glance?

      • You can navigate to the Dayboard to see your calendar and tasks in one place. Click the “Dayboard” button with the sun icon to see the view. 
        • On your phone, you can go to the main menu by clicking the three lines in the top left corner, then select Dayboard. You will see what is coming up on your calendar on the top half of the screen and your tasks below that.
        • On your computer, click on Dayboard on the left side of your screen, or click the sun icon if you menu bar is contracted. You will see your calendar for the day on the left side and your tasks on the right side.

      Can I sync another calendar to the app?

      • Yes! Navigate to the settings tab, then the calendars settings will be the second option on the settings. Currently you can add Google Calendars in the app; we plan to support more types of calendars in the future.
      • If you want to sync another type of calendar to Alleo like Outlook or your Apple Calendar, you can do so by connecting those calendars to your Google account and then importing them into Alleo in the settings.

      Can I change my areas?

      Yes! Navigate to the settings tab, then the areas settings will be the third option on the settings. You can add or delete areas there.

      What happens if I forgot my password? Do I lose all my stuff?

      You can reset your password. For additional help, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Can I add a link to an event in my calendar?

      Events have a “Meeting Link” field for your links to Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing platforms. You can click the link that pops up when you select something on your calendar to go to your meeting

      Check out our blog for more information on planning and organization