Bring your life together in one place

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Powerful features

All in one place

From work projects and personal errands to 5k training and retirement planning, manage your entire life in one convenient place.

Easy setup

From the initial set-up to ongoing use, our platform is designed to be an easy, intuitive, and fun way to track tasks and all of the different parts of your life.


We’re more than just a task manager. Our platform is uniquely designed to provide accountability in the areas that matter the most to you, whether it’s completing a work project or getting a better handle on your wellness.


Get the most out of your planning

  • Lifeboard

  • Dayboard

  • Calendar

  • Areas

  • Tasks

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What our customers say

I like this way more than I expected. It's similar to another product but I much prefer the UI/UX you've created. Really great work here and excited to see what directions it goes.

I like the dayboard a lot. I actually use this framework quite a bit with assigning tasks based on urgency and importance.

I like the brain dump feature quite a bit. I can add to dos there when I am focused on another task, then come back later to assign them to due dates.