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From daily tasks to life's biggest goals, Alleo makes it easy to see and manage it all.

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We understand the challenges you face. That's why we created Alleo, an app designed to help you organize your life, boost your productivity, and achieve your goals Your Key to Life Mastery

For those striving to organize their lives and attain their goals, is the answer. Explore the results-optimized features that await you.
Lifeboard Prioritization

Dive deep into the Lifeboard to identify and evaluate your life priorities. Whether it's finance, health, or family, you can set up projects, track your progress, and recalibrate to ensure you're dedicating time where it matters most

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Daily Schedule Scan

Start your day with an assessment of your schedule within Alleo. See what tasks are pending, what appointments are upcoming, how much time your tasks are estimated to take, and make informed decisions on how to navigate your day efficiently.

Seamless Thought Processing

Capture messages from platforms like email, Slack, and texts and input them into Alleo's 'thoughts' feature. This intuitive process ensures that every piece of information finds its place, so nothing slips through the cracks; then, you can easily discard them or convert them into tasks and calendar events later.

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AI Helper

Engage with Alleo's built-in AI assistant whenever you feel overwhelmed or uncertain. Whether you're looking to break down bigger goals into manageable steps or seeking clarity on a complex task, the AI is there to guide and assist.

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Weekly Overview

Use Alleo's weekly calendar to get a holistic view of your commitments. This isn't just about seeing what's next; it's a strategic tool that allows you to balance your week and ensure you don't overcommit or stretch yourself thin.

Embrace The Alleo Experience

With Alleo, every day is a step towards optimal productivity.


Step 1

Select Your Life Areas

Select and dive into built-in life areas: finance, health, work, family, and beyond.

Step 2

Connect Your Calendar

Seamlessly integrate your Google Calendars and navigate through our intuitive getting started tasks.

Step 3

Navigate Life Confidently 

More than a simple to-do list or calendar, Alleo distinctive feature enable you to dedicate time to areas where it matters most

Upgrade Your Life with

Don't limit yourself to the basic features of Google Calendar, Apple Reminders, or Notion. Elevate your life with!

Feel the Alleo Factor!

Check out what other users think of They are satisfied with and now you can be a part of this expanding community of Alleo users.

I like the brain dump feature quite a bit. I can add to dos there when I am focused on another task, then come back later to assign them to due dates.

I like the dayboard a lot. I actually use this framework quite a bit with assigning tasks based on urgency and importance.

I like this way more than I expected. It's similar to another product but I much prefer the UI/UX you've created. Really great work here and excited to see what directions it goes.


Who Deserves

Whether you're a visionary founder, a self-development devotee, or a tenacious doer, Alleo serves as your personal success accelerator. To date, we've been instrumental in helping clients:

  • Set their projects in motion
  • Achieve fitness goals
  • Align their career goals
  • Improve focus amid distractions
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Develop healthy habits
  • And much more...


This feature comparison will enable you to make your decision with confidence. 

Still Have Questions?

Is just an app?

Alleo is not just an app; it's an immersive experience. We offer two packages: the 'Organize with Alleo' basic package equips you with pro tools for effortless life management. Upgrade to the 'Thrive with Alleo' advanced package to access all tools, plus a dedicated accountability coach to support you in achieving your goals

How is different from other planning apps?

Ready-to-Use Structure: With Alleo, there's no steep learning curve or hours spent on research. Dive right into a pre-structured system tailored for holistic life management, covering areas like finance, health, work, and family. No more setting up from scratch or feeling lost about where to start.

All-in-One Interface: Unlike apps that handle only tasks or calendars, Alleo harmoniously integrates both, eliminating the need to juggle between different platforms.

Integrated Life Areas: More than a simple to-do list or calendar, Alleo incorporates distinct life areas like finance, health, work, and family, giving you a holistic view of your priorities unlike Google Calendar or Apple Reminders.

Can I customize my life areas?

Absolutely! You have full control. Navigate to the settings tab, where you'll find the Area settings as the third option. You can easily add or delete areas there.

Can I sync another calendar with the app?

Yes, you can! In the settings tab, you'll find the Calendar settings as the second option. Currently, you can add Google Calendars to the app, and we plan to support more calendar types in the future. If you'd like to sync a different calendar, such as Outlook or Apple Calendar, you can do so by connecting those calendars to your Google account and then importing them into Alleo via the settings.

How does ensure the security and privacy of my data?

At, we understand that security and privacy are of utmost importance to our users. We take these matters very seriously and have stringent policies in place to safeguard your data.

No Data Sales: will not sell your data to third-party service providers or any other entities. 

Robust Encryption: We use robust encryption protocols to protect your data during transmission and while it's stored on our servers. This ensures that your information remains confidential.

User Awareness: We prioritize user education about best practices for online security and privacy. We encourage users to use strong and unique passwords.

Legal Compliance: complies with all relevant data protection and privacy laws, ensuring that your data is handled in accordance with applicable regulations.

Rest assured that is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy to protect your data

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